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AADHI SOLAR – The leading Power Back-up Solution provider in India, with its consistent focus on technological innovation, has attained heights unheard of, in the largely unorganized industry. Having a clear technological edge, creating new benchmarks and upgrading standards for the industry, comes naturally to AADHI . Today, AADHI Systems is the established leader in product innovation, design sensibility and sales distribution network. AADHI Systems is an Indian power and Energy Storage Company with a global presence, delivering high quality Solar pump, Solar agriculture pump, solar deep submersible pump, Solar surface pumps, solar fountain pumps, solar garden pumps, solar pump for home.

India's agriculture sector is heavily dependent on monsoons for natural irrigation. Pumps are used as an artificial means to provide water for irrigation. Farmers rely on grid electricity or diesel gen-sets to run the pump, which leads to huge delays and economic stress. Hence, for our farmers, an effective irrigation system such as the Solar Water Pump is a great boon . It increases their crop yield by ensuring a reliable and perennial supply of water to their fields.

A solar water pump is an application of photovoltaic technology which converts solar energy into electricity to run the pumping system thereby, replacing erratic grid supply and pollution-causing diesel-powered versions. The solar water pump is powered by solar modules that helps draw surface or ground water out for irrigation.

AADHI SOLAR offers both DC and AC range of Solar Water Pumps in both Surface and Submersible categories. These pumps help reduce farmers’ dependency on expensive fuels and their maintenance costs as opposed to conventional irrigation systems.

By switching to AADHI SOLAR Solar Water Pumps, farmers can have access to a highly-efficient power supply that can be used throughout the day to provide a consistent water supply. With over 500+ pumps installed across India till date, our goal is to provide water assurance and financial security to all farmers in India.

Our Work Process

We are the energy saving oriented people who utilize solar energy & being used by innovating Into various solar products.

Advanced performance

Efficient heating and hot water availability in low light conditions

Easy Installation

Quick and easy installation of systems in difficult landscapes

Glass enamel tank

Prevents rusting of the tanks and ensures hygienic hot water supply

Laser welding

More durable and longlasting systems with zero maintenance

Glycol mixture

Avoids freezing of pipes and prevents large scale damages

Stylish systems

Aesthetically appealing heating systems that suit modern homes

Features of AADHI Solar WATER PUMP

Solar WATER PUMPs are specially designed to lift water forirrigation, horticulture farms, gardens, drinking and other similar applications. These solar powered WATER PUMPs are best alternatives for areas where there is no electricity or scarcity of power supply. Easy Photovoltaic’s solar WATER PUMP systems can be easily installed and requires minimum maintenance. We manufacture and supply various models of solar WATER PUMPs, solar submersible WATER PUMPs and the specially designed modules of the system can withstand extreme weather conditions such as storm, rain and dust and are impact resistant.

A solar PV WATER PUMPing system - commonly known as a solar pump - draws power from solar cell / modules to operate a motor pump set. Solar power pumps use specially developed and energy efficient motor pump sets to achieve higher discharge which off sets the high initial cost. A solar PV WATER PUMPing system consists of a number of solar PV modules connected in series - parallel combination to generate sufficient power to operate a motor pump. The solar PV modules are mounted on a metal frame in a manner that the mounting frame can be turned / tilted to ensure that the modules keep facing the sun throughout the day. The system does not have any storage battery since power generated is used directly then and there.

The SPV array converts the solar energy into electricity which is used for running the motor pump set. The pumping system can draw water from the open well / bore well or stream / pond or canal. The broad category of Solar Water Pump - Hand Pump that we manufacture and supply to our worldwide clients can be used manually without AC or DC support. This hand pump is useful in all areas. Water starved villages are particularly convenience by the pump. Water can be sourced through AC support in the night and even on rainy days where sunlight is negligible. During daytime, water can be sourced through DC solar inverter. Our range offers solutions to various areas of operation.

AADHI SOLAR provides a solar WATER PUMPing system, this is welcome alternative to fuel burning generatores or hand pumps.It consist of a DC/AC surface mounted/submersible/floating motor pump set, electronics if any, interconnect cables, a On-Off switch and a PV array mounted on a suitable structure with a provision of tracking.The whole system is simple, robust and absolutely maintenace free for year’s.Rigid mounting structure is employed to withstand high wind speeds.