"We are the energy saving oriented people who utilize solar energy & being used by innovating Into various solar products."

Aadhi Solar Panels  manufacture in india | Coimbatore | Chennai


We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified firm engaged in Manufacturing, Exporting and Supplying Solar Power Systems. A grid connected solar system is connected to a large independent grid (typically the public electricity grid) and feeds power. Whenever the sun shines, the solar cells generate electricity. The grid connect Solar inverter converts the DC electricity produced by the solar panels into 415V Three phase AC electricity, which can then Step up by Step up transformer to match the requirement of the Grid available. State Load Dispatch center or will install a meter which will calculate the energy generated and feed into the grid. Project Developer will get GBI on Total energy Generated from Solar PV Farms..

  • Standard System Size : 1M KW peak power output based on insulation of 200W/m2.
  • Basic System Design : Module array with fixed inclination.
  • Solar power plants are safe, profitable and worthwhile to invest just like stocks and shares
  • It provides attractive returns and good feed in tariffs guaranteed by various Governments across the world.
  • Solar power plants are among the greenest forms of energy generation as they don't produce carbon emission of noise. The construction of the photovoltaic systems does not affect the environment.
  • No other forms of Electricity generation require so little attention for years of operation and maintenance for years and years

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